Principal Investigator – Novel Paradigm in Cancer Etiology, Its Relationship with Aging, and Novel Methods for Cancer Early Detection
$1,335,319 (direct) – The John Templeton Foundation (12/2016 – 11/2019)

Description: The core objective of this project is to answer some fundamental human health questions. What causes cancer? Can we predict cancer risk in a tissue? Can we systematically, non-invasively, and economically detect cancer at an early stage? And what are the effects of aging on the cell dynamics within our tissues?

Principal Investigator – Bioinformatic Basis of a Novel Blood Test for the Early Detection of Cancer
The Marcus Foundation (1/2017 – 12/2018)

Description: This is one of four components of a large grant over 5 years ($15 millions for the first two years) to develop a new blood test for the earlier detection of cancer.

Principal Investigator – Mechanistic Model of Absolute Risk in Cancer
$172,341 – Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund Research Grant Program (07/2017 – 06/2019)

Description: Translational Research Project Award.